LG Air Conditioner Models and Prices in Nigeria

If you’re reading this, there’s every chance that you’re looking for a good LG air conditioner for cooling your home or office, and at a good price too.

Fortunately for you, the prices of LG air conditioning units in Nigeria haven’t changed much over the years, and there’s every chance that you’ll find a good one at a very competitive price.

The price really shouldn’t be your problem at this point except you already have a particular spec in mind.

However, if you don’t have much experience with LG air conditioning systems or haven’t owned one before, you should definitely focus more on getting the right device – one that fits your needs rather than focusing on your budget.

You see, the air conditioning system is a very tricky gadget. Get one that’s a size too small or large for your needs and every use time will become a boring process filled with chaos. But with the right one, trust me, you’d be longing to use it every now and then.

That’s why you should focus more on getting the right unit for the job rather than thinking about the money you’ll pay for it.

Below, I’ve reviewed some of the best LG air conditioners in Nigeria to help you sieve through the market. And as a guide, I’ve given a brief overview of the capacity of each one and the size of space they are best suited for. So if you’re looking for one that fits your needs, you can easily make a good choice here.


LG Air Conditioner Models and Prices In Nigeria

1. LG Gencool Smart Inverter Split Unit Air Conditioner

LG Gencool Air conditioner

The LG Gencool air conditioner is best suited for those looking to cool a single room apartment or office.

It is a split unit system and should be hung close to the window for maximum performance and convenience.

The system is well optimized for those with a low power supply as it is meant to run on power supplied by small generators. This low power requirement is called the generator mode and takes less power to run efficiently.

It comes with other features like the auto cleaning, to rid the air of bacteria, bad odor, dust, and allergies.

Price Range
Starting from ₦130,000


2. LG Artcool 1.5HP Air Conditioner

LG Artcool Airconditioner

The LG Artcool air conditioner is both a work of beauty and technology.

It is built to fit stylishly into walls or ceiling without appearing out of place or being very obvious.

To make up for its price, the machine comes with a sleek performance and lots of exciting features. For instance, it comes with an inner ring bezel which lights up in sixteen different colors to match your moods. Aside from this, it also comes with high-speed performance and cools a room faster than any other on the market.

Being a piece of art infused with technology, the LG Artcool is best suited for galleries but can be used for residential apartments especially those who want to keep everything tasty.

Price Range
Starting from ₦150,000


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3. LG Ceiling Cassette 1.5HP Air Conditioner

LG Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner

Ceiling cads air conditioners are perfect for those who do not wish to mar their building walls. These units are stylishly installed in the ceiling with the bulk of the machine concealed from public views.

If you’re looking for a stylish air conditioner that you don’t want the public to have any idea of where the air is coming from, you should definitely consider investing in the LG Ceiling Cassette plus. It comes with great controls and let you direct the air as much as you’d want.

Price Range
Starting from ₦424,000


4. LG Jetcool Split 1.5HP Low Voltage Air Conditioner

LG Jetcool Air Conditioner

The LG Jetcool Split air conditioner is a super energy and strength saver. It comes with two distinct features: jetcool and autostart.

The jetcool feature is guaranteed to cool a room 35% faster at initial startup. This way, your room or office cools faster each time you arrive, giving you a better time to settle down quickly while the auto start feature helps save your energy.

With the auto start feature, you don’t have to stress yourself by turning on the air conditioner each time power is restored, it does that automatically.

Price Range
Starting from ₦86,000


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5. LG 8HP Standing Air Conditioner

LG Standing Air Conditioner

While standing package air conditioners are designed to cool large areas like the banking hall or other large buildings (like the church, auditoriums), the same can be used to keep the family comfortable at home or cool multiple offices at a time.

Such is the design of this LG 8HP standing air conditioner.

The machine, though being a standing air conditioner, is designed to cool small multiple rooms at a time without causing much noise. This makes it a better choice for those looking forward to cooling small offices and homes at a very affordable price.

Price Range
Starting from ₦1,380,000


6. LG Art 2HP Air Conditioner

LG Art Air Conditioner

If you care much about the look of air conditioners, you should consider the LG Art 2HP air conditioner; it is much more like the LG Gencool air conditioner. However, it comes with a sleeker mirror-like design that gives it a sharp contrast to every single item in the room.

The mirror-like surface reflects every light that falls on it.

Price Range
Starting from ₦285,000


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7. LG 2HP Window Air Conditioner

LG Window Air Conditioner

For most people, the window air conditioner is a no-no, especially in today’s world of split conditioning systems. But the truth is, window air conditioners are more efficient than any other types of air conditioning units on the market – plus they’re a lot cheaper compared to others.

Although you’ll need to damage your walls to install one, you have nothing to worry about since they completely cover the hole.

Price Range
Starting from ₦175,000


8. LG 2HP Window Air Conditioner WIN

LG Window WIN Air Conditioner

This is another great option for you.

It comes with a supercooling capacity of 2HP and an easy-to-control tab to help you monitor its performance.

Price Range
Starting from ₦180,000


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9. LG 10HP Standing Inverter Air Conditioner

LG Inverter Standing Air Conditioner

If you’re really looking forward to cooling a very large area and at a very fast pace, consider investing in this package unit.

The machine comes with a whopping10HP cooling capacity and is a completely independent unit. The noise level is almost nonexistent and as such, perfect for an environment where loud noise is intolerable.

It supplies clean air faster than you can imagine and rids the air of bacteria, bad odor, dust, and allergic substances.

Price Range
Starting from ₦1,950,000


When it comes to buying an LG air conditioner in Nigeria, finding one that meets your needs is very important. That’s why you have lots of air conditioning systems specs from the same manufacturer.

I hope you find this review helpful. Feel free to ask any question in the comment section below.


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