Diesel Generator Prices in Nigeria for Industrial and Home Use

I believe  Nigeria will be able to tackle the unstable power issues someday and we’ll live in brightness every day as obtained in developed countries.

But for now, you’ll have to deal with the constant power failures.

Fortunately, you don’t have to depend on the federal grid for your power supply all day long. With a good generator in your home or office, you’ll have an alternative power source you can use whenever there’s power outage.

And the good news is some of the best generators in Nigeria are so affordable that probably anyone can own them.

And you’re not limited by options either. You have lots of options when it comes to buying generators in Nigeria … petrol generators, natural gas generators, and diesel generators.

While there are varied types of generators in Nigeria, I believe the diesel types are the best you should go for.

You know why?

I’ll tell you.


Why You Should Go for a Diesel Generator Nigeria

Cheaper in the long run: Although diesel Generators are often more expensive during initial purchases, they’re quite cheaper in the long run when you think about costs of fuel and maintenance. This is the reason why most organizations go for diesel standby generators. It’s cheaper in the long run.


Good performance and stability: Compared to petrol generators, diesel generators are more efficient and stable as the engines are designed to withstand extreme conditions.

Although diesel generators are not as stable as gas generators, they are the most preferred choice for industrial or home applications since they are more affordable and come with an excellent performance that’s greater than petrol types but a bit lower than gas generators.

They require less maintenance and can accommodate more fault tolerance than any other types of generators out there.


Safer: Compared to both the petrol and gas generators, diesel generators are the safest alternative power source in Nigeria.

The fuel used in diesel generator is least inflammable compared to natural gas or petrol. Plus, the generator requires less maintenance and can run for a long time at a stretch.


Higher power generation capability: Diesel generators are ideal for large applications such as use in banks, farms, manufacturing industries. There are even portable ones for smaller applications such as home use.

They produce constant power without spike or sag in the current. This makes them an ideal choice for most users.

These are just a few reasons why diesel generators are best for any Nigerian. Also, most modern diesel generators are made with soundproof covers and can be used in residential areas without any problems.


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Diesel Generators in Nigeria and Prices

Like I said earlier, when it comes to choice of generators in Nigeria, you have a lot of options.

There are two types of diesel generators in Nigeria. Two may seem like a limited amount but actually, it isn’t. From the two types comes a host of generators that can cater for your needs whether you’re looking for a small portable diesel generator for your home or a large one for your organization and anything in between.

The two types of diesel Generators in Nigeria are:

  • Open frame generators
  • Close frame/soundproof (silent) diesel generators


Open Frame Diesel Generators in Nigeria

I’ll be honest with you, open frame diesel generators are quite old-fashioned. They were the earliest types of diesel generators in Nigeria and the world. This does not mean that they are less efficient. No, they are just as efficient as the other type. They are even cheaper too compared to close frame diesel generators.

However, open frame generators make a lot of noise and are not suitable for use in residential areas. This probably is the only difference between both generators.

If you plan using your generator in a place where loud noise will not be a problem like in manufacturing industries or sawmills, the open frame will be a good choice and will even help you save some money since it’s less expensive but just as effective as the close frame.

Below are some of the best open frame generators in Nigeria.


1. FG Wilson 13.5 KVA Diesel Generator

Diesel Generator

Price Range
Starting from ₦2,420,000


2. Gateway Power 36 KVA Basic Diesel Generator

Gateway Diesel Generator

Price Range
Starting from ₦3,460,000


3. FG Wilson 30 KVA Diesel Generator

FG Wilson Diesel Generator

Price Range
Starting from ₦3,440,000


4. Mahindra 125 KVA Powerol Diesel Generator

Mahindra diesel generator

Price Range
Starting from ₦8,900,000

If you’ve been paying attention, you must have observed that the Mahindra Powerol diesel generator has a cover. The cover actually is not actually soundproof and the generator will not be as quiet as a silent generator. That’s why I grouped it with other open frames.


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Close/Soundproof (Silent) Diesel Generators in Nigeria

Silent generators are the recent innovations in the diesel engine industry.

This type of generator features all the properties of an open generator but come with an additional cover, which is soundproof. Hence, this type of generator runs silently and can be used close to homes.

Quiet generators are quite expensive. For instance, the FG Wilson 30 KVA soundproof diesel generator which has a similar output as the FG Wilson 30 KVA open frame diesel generator costs about ₦300,000 more.

While I believe soundproof generators are ideal and better for more productivity, they are a bit expensive. Go for them when an excessive noise will result in a decline in productivity. For instance, they are ideal for use in schools, banks, hospitals and residential areas where excessive noise is intolerant.

Below are some of the best silent diesel generators in Nigeria you should definitely consider if you want to buy one.


1. FG Wilson 30 KVA Soundproof Diesel Generator

soundproof diesel generator

Price Range
Starting from ₦3,724,000


2. Gateway Power 45 KVA Soundproof Diesel Generator

Gateway Power soundproof generator

Price Range
Starting from ₦4,396,000


3. Perkins 30 KVA Soundproof Diesel Generator

Perkins soundproof diesel generator

Price Range
Starting from ₦3,500,000


4. Lutian 6KVA Super Silent Diesel Generator

Lutian super silent soundproof gen


Price Range
Starting from ₦352,000


5. Kipor 5 KVA Diesel Generator

Kipor diesel generator

Price Range
Starting from ₦398,000


6. LionRock 12.5 KVA Soundproof Diesel Generator

Lion Rock soundproof diesel generator

Price Range
Starting from ₦2,604,000


7. Kipor 10KVA 10000Watt Diesel Generator Set

Kipor 10kva diesel generator

Price Range
Starting from ₦1,600,000


8. Mahindra 25KVA Silent Diesel Generator

Mahindra 25kva diesel generator

Price Range
Starting from ₦3,450,000


9. Sumec 5KVA Soundproof Diesel Generator

Sumec soundproof generator

Price Range
Starting from ₦377,000


Mikano soundproof generators are other options you might want to consider. They’re specially assembled right here in Nigeria with parts made from reputable manufacturers from abroad.


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When it comes to buying a diesel generator in Nigeria, options are not a problem. However, consider getting an estimate of your power consumption and get a generator that supplies the right amount of KVA you need so you won’t have to worry about undersupply.

For most homes in Nigeria, any diesel generator rating 9 KVA to 20 KVA will probably be sufficient. For bigger applications, however, you might want to get an engineer for potential power consumption estimates before paying for a diesel generator.


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